Bering Straits Regional Housing Authority Job Postings

Welcome to the job postings page for Bering Straits Regional Housing Authority. We are the Tribally Designated Housing Entity for the Bering Straits Region and are dedicated to providing safe, decent, sanitary affordable housing to low-income Alaska Native/American Indian families.

Bering Straits Regional Housing Authority is also currently recruiting for the following temporary positions:

Executive Assistant

Role responsibilities include managing multiple complex calendars, planning and organizing events of all sizes, and coordinating domestic and international travel.

Seasonal Labor

Work will include various tasks such as house leveling, siding, window/door replacements, roof patching, chimney replacement, deck/stair repair, floor replacement, painting, and material disposal, among others.


Responsibilities include sanitizing high-touch areas, thorough cleaning of facilities, ensuring compliance with standards, inspecting daily operations, and reporting any issues to the supervisor.